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i animate but no people like them

2008-06-01 04:01:27 by rellnan

ya i work on flash every now and then but when i actually submit things it either gets blammed like some [KK] (kitty krew) flash and it makes me mad how i spend a whole day working and i get shit revues from people who cant animate. now im not askin for a front page but i kninda want some body to say " i liked it" but nothing..

i also think no one is going to reply


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2008-06-01 04:31:30

Oh also, work on spelling correctly on the internet, and whatever you do, DO NOT create videogame parodies, or sprite movies, if you're serious about animating and actually want to be commissioned and get money and stuff, don't do those, there is a very VERY small majority of people who are actually looking for that when they hire, Egoraptor is an exception.

I know I have made sprite movies but I'm straying away from that, it's just a quick hash-out way of making animation.


2008-06-01 08:38:02

you should start whit stop to make flash in a day's, if you want to have your flash to have a decent rating you should put some more time in it, but not in 1 day, say like you work for two week 1,5 hours each day, you should come out whit some nice things, and also think of a story before you begin and and before animating make sure your characters look good. also choose a style of animation, like madness or stickman something easy to begin with, whit madness day coming up in september it could be a good idea to make a nice madness movie and put something extra in it, like i am going to make a madness day submission but than with a story and voice acting, something new could be accepted, but can also be blammed in 30 secconds, don't be dissapionted if it would be blammed, but ask yourself, what have i learned. and next time, make a better one.